Dear everyone,

Hope that you and your families are well.

We are happy to announce that Little Tokyo will be re-opening its doors again! During the pandemic, we have been able to operate as a takeaway thanks to your support. With the government’s permission and guidance, we will operate out business at limited capacity. Below, you will find a list of the health and safety procedures that we have implemented to ensure your experience with us will be safe and pleasant one.

Safety Procedures

  • We will limit the number of tables available per floor to ensure customers are safely distanced.
  • We have custom made Japanese dividers to separate the sections between tables.
  • We will encourage card & contactless payment when possible.
  • Our staf will be segregated into different teams.
  • Utensils will only be brought to the table once customers have been seated.
  • Menu’s will be disinfected after each use.
  • our staff will wash their hands in accordance with NHS guidelines routinely throughout the day.
  • Hard contact surfaces will be sanitised throughout the day.
  • All utensils and dishes will be sanitised throughly; customers also have the option to have their food from dispasable packaging at their request.
  • All members of staff will have their temperature checked and recorded before every shift.
  • Toilets will be cleaned more frequently, and we ask that only 1 person use the bathroom at any given time.
  • Our members of staff will wear PPE such as face shields and face masks.

We will continue to observe and adjust our safety measures as recommended by the government. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any concerns or questions you may have on:

Please follow our Instagram: @littletokyoleeds for the most updated information.

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Twitter: @littletokyo13

Best wishes
Little Tokyo

Yorkshire Evening Post

Little Tokyo ranked top 9 best restaurant in Leeds by customers

“This reasonably priced and incredible tasting Japanese restaurant bagged ninth place on the list. Try their bento boxes or amazing tasting ramen.” -2020-

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Time Out

“Ramen fans will be chuffed with the rich, textured broth here – it’s a belter – and the noodles boast just the right bounce. The bento box is a good shout for those looking to sample a few bits and bobs, but be bold and you’ll be well rewarded – sushi from such an unassuming, inexpensive place like shouldn’t be any great shakes, but we were very pleasantly surprised.”2016-
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Yorkshire Evening Post

“The menu is extensive and caters for a wide range of tastes. What was particularly refreshing was the separate vegetarian and vegan section at the back with plenty of choices.” -2019-
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From Tripadvisor

“The best sushi in town! The best king prawn tempura! I have been eating in Little Tokyo for 20 years, visited last week and going again on this coming Thursday! I love this unique place and special food.

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〜Celebration of the 20th Anniversary〜

Little Tokyo Leeds will be sending out the following gifts to customers. The more you dine with us, the more gifts you may get.

The Root and Spice of Healthy Eating

Welcome to Little Tokyo, located in the heart of West Yorkshire, bringing you Japanese style cuisine with a Yorkshire twist. Our salad dressing, curry sauce, soya sauce, teriyaki sauce and the gelatos are all made on the premises to ensure the unique flavours and quality.


Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dish among the Japanese.

In past centuries, “sushi” referred to pickled fish preserved in vinegar. Nowadays, sushi can be defined as a dish containing rice which has been prepared with sushi vinegar.

In Little Tokyo, our sushi is freshly made every day with sushi grade fish which is among the freshest, highest quality seafood that one can buy from the market (ie. the golden standard for any seafood dish that involves raw fish or slightly cooked fish).

There is always room for sushi, please enjoy!



Little Tokyo was opened two decades ago in year 2000 as a small family run restaurant, we started humbly with merely eight tables. Being one of the first Japanese restaurants in Western Yorkshire, Little Tokyo became an instant hit in town, our capacity grew significantly within a year to accommodate over 100 customers upstairs and downstairs. We were rated “Top 10 restaurant” by the Yorkshire Evening Post in 2000, “Top 100 restaurants in the UK” by the Sunday Observer in 2002, and “Top 5 restaurant” by Galaxy 105 in 2003. We were also included in “The Good Food Guide” from 2003 to 2005.

Throughout the years, Little Tokyo continues to be one of the most favourable Japanese restaurants in Yorkshire. Our unique décor and elegant ambience: such as the oriental wooden bridge, underneath of which are the colourful koi carps sliding gracefully all year round, the characteristic wooden tables and chairs hand crafted by the restaurant owner, an array of gourmet Japanese dishes with a Yorkshire twist, the friendly and attentive staff, all added up to provide a distinguished and memorable dining experience to many customers.

Little Tokyo will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020. A series of fun-filled activities will be posted on the Facebook and website, please watch out for more details and join us in the celebration of the milestone year and be a part of the historic moments.